Typing some gibberish to see how it all turns out on the page.  Snowing outside, and has been for more than 24 hours now.  Work closed today, which is good, except payback’s kind of a bitch… so we’ll see.  But in the moment, snow days rule.  Also: trying ‘blueberry cobbler’ by New England Coffee Co.  It was on sale at ShopRite.  I thought it might be too much (I once tried the blueberry flavor at DD and couldn’t get to the bottom), but so far I’m ok with this.  Of course, I suspect everything tastes better on a snow day.

Pablo Picasso

And yeah that’s this thing I just painted, I don’t know I guess it came out ok, whatever.  I’m also thinking about inventing this whole new movement that I’ll probably just end up calling cubism, no big deal.


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