the Fighter

The weather was bad/strange last night, and I woke up to everything encased in ice.  It was pretty cool– I remember that happened one time during the spring in NC, and my mom’s fully-bloomed flowers looked like they had been wrapped in crystal… but I digress.

I saw The Fighter, and it was good.  Of course it’s “a boxing movie” which we seem to get every few years, and for some reason they are always well-made awards contenders (e.g. Cinderella Man, Rocky, The Hurricane, Million Dollar Baby…).  This one is set in a boxing family, but it’s really about the family, naturally.  Mark Wahlberg is the main character, and he is thankfully pretty understated.  Christian Bale has the flashier part as his drug-addled has-been older brother, but he’s great of course, because he’s Christian Bale.  Amy Adams has become someone I think I could watch read the phone book and still be enthralled, and she’s great as the tough family-rocking girlfriend.  Hearing her tell some trashy Boston skank that she’s gonna “rip that f*ing hair out of your f*ing head” is alone worth the price of admission.

But the real surprise for me was Melissa Leo as Wahlberg’s mom.  I didn’t know her before this, and she was pretty rad.  She’s kinda trashy too, but in the best way possible.  Big fried out hair with wacky roots, flashy/gross clothes, perpetual cigarette, amazing accent, I swear I know this woman she is playing.  So good.  And she’s the ringleader for Wahlberg’s 7 (seven!) sisters, who are grosser/awesomer than I could possibly describe.  We might need a new Oscar category to accommodate these ladies.

Sorry for the crap images, it was the best I could manage.  Check it all out if you have the chance–

(All images copyright 2010 Paramount Pictures)


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