snow morning

We’ve been getting snow so often in the Northeast for the past month, and I’m really enjoying it.  Everything abruptly looks different from the way it always looks, and then it changes day by day… and then there’s more.  Everything’s brighter, the contrast it turned up.  And it’s a fleeting effect, so there’s something inherently special about it.  And jesus how everyone complains about it.  The news blurb online today even said “Another snowstorm piles on the misery”… uhh, ok.  I don’t experience it that way, so I guess I’m glad for that.

Last Friday some snow made work start with a delay, so I actually got to see the sun come up while I was still home (imagine that!), and morning light is pretty special too.  So yeah.  Nevermind that arriving at work took me from zero to chaos in a span of ten seconds, but hey…  it was pretty out!


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