more alice

The deadline approaches!  With a little help from dad I got the pvc-piping cut/assembled for the frames, and they are good and sturdy.  We got tarp#1 cut and sewn, so we know it can work.  Tarps#2-3 are in-process… so I have been sweating the actual imagery now.  I cobbled together a mock-up of the forest scene, fleshed out a few details and tried out a few colors.  The director seems into it, so this is the direction I’m moving in.  I have to do a similar mock-up of the red queen/garden scene… maybe tomorrow.  Probably painting next weekend.  Has anyone ever painted on low-grade canvas tarp before, and can suggest a type of paint and/or a technique to keep in mind?  Oh, the joys of making it up as you go along…


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